Made To Measure Blinds In Preston From Red Rose Blinds
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Made To Measure Blinds In Preston From Red Rose Blinds

Made To Measure Blinds In Preston From Red Rose Blinds

Blinds are fitted on windows and doors to block the sun’s harsh rays and to ensure privacy to those inside. Blinds offer plenty of varieties in terms of function and usefulness like the vertical ones that use adjustable vertical panels to ensure that entry of light is restricted to only the barest minimum and these vertical panels can be adjusted to meet your needs. Venetian blinds are another style of blinds that are horizontal slats usually made of wood or aluminium – the level of the blind in this style can be adjusted to allow a certain amount of light into a room. A roller blind is another window shade that rolls up on a tube when operated and is made of specially stiffened material. Other styles like the roman blinds, pleated blinds and wooden blinds allow some natural light in while keeping direct sunlight out.

Taking Measurements For Blinds In Preston
It is suggested that you decide in advance which side of the window recess you want the blind installed in Preston , the inside or the outside, and use a steel measuring tape graduated in the metric system to take measurements because these will be more accurate. While planning make sure that there are no obstructions that would hinder the operation and position of your blind and also make allowances for cupboards, phone sockets, dado rail, tiles, handles, tilt and turn windows, skirting etc. If you are fixing multiple blinds side by side ensure you leave a minimum of 1cm gap between each blind, to ensure they work independently of each other and fit within the space you have. If you want an inside mounted blind, the measure the width, the drop in three places and use the least result as your measurement. In the case of exact mounted blinds or outside mounting measure the exact width and height you want including 4 cm extra, both to fit the blind bracket in and for additional privacy.

Measuring For Blinds In Preston: A Few Pointers
While fixing Roller Blinds onto doors, it has to kept in mind that the brackets will protrude by about 2 1/2 inches and if your door opens onto a wall it may not open fully. When measuring doors for blinds, measure the glass area to be covered which is the actual cloth size – the size of the blind including fittings & brackets will be about 1 3/4 inches wider than the cloth. In case of measuring windows for Venetian Blinds with tiles at the bottom, take the inside measurement of the tiles which is the recess size. Take care that you procure extension brackets along with your blinds, where you have protruding handles on the windows. Always measure all windows even if they appear to be the same size – you’ll be surprised to see that some of your windows aren’t perfectly square.

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